1) Who is The Fishnet Mafia?

The Fishnet Mafia are an above-the-law society that controls the sexual prohibition, set forth by the Quaker Act of 1841. Most recently, we have successfully infiltrated and captured control of the official shadowcast that performs The Rocky Horror Picture Show, here in Columbus, OH.


2) What is The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a movie that was released in 1975, and stars Tim Curry (Clue, Stephen King's "IT"), Susan Sarandon (Thelma & Louise, The Banger Sisters), Barry Bostwick (Spy Hard, Spin City), and Richard O'Brien (Dark City, Dungeons & Dragons). The movie itself is a mix of music, classic horror, and fantasy. For more information, check out the Wikipedia entry, on the movie.


3) When and where does The Fishnet Mafia perform?

We perform at Studio 35, every 1st Saturday, of every month. In October, we do have a second show, to celebrate the Halloween anniversary of the movie. Also, we have been known to take part in other gatherings around town, such as MARCon and the Doo Dah Parade .


4) When did The Fishnet Mafia start performing?

The Fishnet Mafia's first show was on April 19, 2003.

5) Do you perform any other movies?

The Fishnet Mafia is purely a Rocky Horror Picture Show shadowcast group. However, our sister cast The Midnight Shift, consisting of many of the same actors and creative folk, shadowcast a different movie every month at the Grandview Theatre.


6) So, what happens at the show?

Well, you will see the audience members dressed up, and most of the cast in their underwear. Other nights, the cast will be dressed up, and the audience will be in their underwear. That's usually during the Pre-Show, though.


7) What is the Pre-Show?

Pre-Show is the part that we do, before the actual movie. After we get the rules and announcements out of the way, we start having fun with the virgins, and the audience starts having fun with us.


8) Who are the virgins?

If you have to ask, you probably are one. But, since this is a FAQ, we should list an actual answer for you. Virgins are people who have not had sexual intercourse. But, in the Rocky Horror community, this term refers to those who have never seen the movie in the theatre before. Some casts use the term as someone who has not seen their show yet.


9) What does the cast do to the virgins?

What?! And spoil the surprise??


10) What else does the cast do at the shows?

If we have a moment when we are not on stage, we will walk around, flirt with the audience, and...look for our clothes.


11) What if I just want to meet them?

We love it when people come up to us, and get to know us too.


12) How do I inquire about joining cast?

You would need to talk to Cora.


13) Who is Cora?

Our benevolent dicator, typically MC'ing before the show. She also plays Frank every other month.


14) Does the cast get paid for performing at the theatre?

No. We do this purely from our love for the movie, the love of performing, and our under/over-sexed libidos. Plus, we also get in for free...and get cheaper beer.